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Editing and Proofreading

A necessary part of publishing is editing your manuscript! Every author wants their stories squeaky-clean before their readers get their hands on their books.


When you hit that big Publish button and see your novel launched, there's always that pesky question: "Now what?" The next step is getting your books into readers' hands! Some authors find this more difficult than writing the book itself and that's okay. That's why we provide marketing services, to take that laborious task out of your hands so you have more time to write!

Newsletter Promotions

This is where authors and readers come together! Our reader-tailored newsletter features new releases and hot promotions.

Cover and Interior Design

The first thing readers see when they view your book is your cover! Not only that but that brilliant "Awe!" moment of opening a book and gazing upon custom interior art makes holding your own story in your hand even more worth it. That's why you want it to be as eye-catching as possible. We partner with Celestial Covers for our covers and interior design.


Formatting is just as important as editing and cover design! We want to make sure your story fits into your desired book size, whether it's paperback, hardback, or just an ebook. We partner with Celestial Covers for formatting.

Virtual Assistants

When it all gets too much, there's always that moment where you realize that you need help. Being a one-person band for your author career means you take on all the tasks alone. But when you can afford it, hiring a virtual assistant means more time to write!


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